Service List

Business Strategy

We support our client in the area of business strategies development, business process innovation, IT system re-development planning, and differentiation strategies development, with our accumulated know-how and knowledge regarding the credit card and other financial services business for the long period of time. Our strength is the project management skills with which the clients' project can be completed within a short period of time, and the in-depth knowledge regarding the clients' business itself and processes.。

1.Credit Card Business Consulting
2.International Strategy Consulting

Credit Card Business Consulting

1.Support to develop the business strategies We will support our clients to develop mid-term and short-term business strategies, and their detailed execution plans, by means of the external environment analysis, business position analysis, business model definition, IT related issues identification and their resolution planning, and the target area identification for outsourcing . 。

TO Credit Card Business Consulting

International Strategy Consulting

We will provide companies having initiatives to launch business in Vietnam market with the order-made consulting which fits to the client’s needs, based upon our various business experiences in Vietnam. We will support our client with the optimum speed and the thorough considerations。

TO International Strategy Consulting


1.Document Solution for Pharmaceutical companies  
2.Data Mining Solution

Document Solution for Pharmaceutical Companies

Provides pharmaceutical companies with the total consulting services for eCTD implementation. The services apply to the wide range of NDA document management issues, from its plan development to the conversion from the paper-based original to the electronic form of the document.

TO Document Solution

Data Maining Solution

Support mainly the financial institutions, using our statistical analytical skill as core competencies.

TO Data Mining Solution

IT Management

1.PMO, and IT Strategies and Planning Consulting
2.IT Management Consulting

PMO, and IT Strategies and Planning Consulting

Provides the most effective consulting services in the optimum time frame, by fitting our base approaches to the client’s issues and circumstances.

TO PMO, and IT Strategies and Planning Consulting

IT Management

Provides the clients with the IT management consulting to solve their IT services related problems and issues.

TO IT Management